Italo Benedetti - Christian Mission and Postmodern Culture

Joyce E. Bellous - Mission in a Spiritual Age

Douglas Summers - Ethics: A Quest for Life

Massimo Aprile - The Gospel for the New Generation

Roon Wood - The Plight of Children in America. A Response to The Gospel for the New Generation by Massimo Aprile

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Herbert Anders - What About Eschatology

Monique Kiser - Meditation on 1 John 4:7-12

Raffaele Volpe - Meditation on Galatians 2

 Mark Ord - Meditation Romans 8: 14-27. Inarticulate Sounds

 Monique Kiser - Meditazione su 1 Giovanni 4:-12

 Mark Ord - Meditazione su Romani 8: 14-27. Suoni inarticolati