Ucebi, Giovanni Arcidiacono re-elected president

RIFORMA, 3 November 2018 - Day of intense work and voting on Saturday 3 November in the penultimate day of the 45th Assembly of Ucebi, the Christian Baptist Union of Italy. Giovanni Paolo Arcidiacono has been reconfirmed as president and thus begins his second term. Confirmation also for the vice-president Giuseppe Miglio.

The new Executive Committee is composed by: Emmanuela Banfo, Carmine Bianchi, Marta D'Auria, Leonardo Saglia, Lucilla Santilli, Antonella Scuderi, Alessandro Spanu.

Roberto Camilot, Sante Cannito, Lidia Giorgi, Gideon Orgji and Ettore Zerbinati were elected in the College of Elders.

The Auditors elected are Silvestro Consoli, Giampiero Marussich, Stefania Polo, Nive Serra and Rosetta Uccello.

Photo by Pietro Romeo